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2 weeks ago

Rise in divorce in Iran linked to shift in status of women | Reuters

BEIRUT Weddings in Iran have long been an over-the-top affair with families spending thousands of dollars to celebrate a union. But now some couples are splurging on an entirely different sort of nuptial celebration: a divorce party.

Local media outlets and blogs have been abuzz for months about lavish parties, complete with sarcastic invitations and humorous cakes, for couples splitting up. The phenomenon has become so widespread in Tehran and other large cities that one prominent cleric said couples who throw these parties are "satanic".

Still, the divorce parties are a sign of an undeniable trend: divorce in Iran is soaring. Since 2006, the rate of divorce has increased mo

3 weeks ago

U.S. 2009 foreclosures shatter record despite aid | Reuters

NEW YORK U.S. foreclosure actions shattered all records in 2009 and will do so again this year, with unemployment and wage cuts overcoming programs to remedy failing home loans, RealtyTrac said on Thursday.

A record 2.8 million properties with a mortgage got a foreclosure notice last year, jumping 21 percent from 2008 and 120 percent from 2007, the Irvine, California-based real estate data company found.

The loan failure rate -- and thus the fallout for home prices and the economy -- would have been even worse without foreclosure prevention programs and loan processing delays caused by sheer volume, the company said.

In many cases loan fixes don't stick, however, and so

3 weeks ago

Plastic Surgery |

Risks and Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Dangers of plastic surgery

Although there is a vast improvement in technology, courtesy of the latest innovations, the risk and dangers of plastic surgery cannot be ignored. So before you plan to go for a plastic surgery, get yourself empowered with the...

An Overview of Collagen Induction Therapy

3 weeks ago

How to Fix a Motorola STB that shows "dU1", "dUl" or "dVI", or a Scientific Atlanta STB gives the HDCP error

Motorola cable box showing "dU1", "dUl" or "dVI"

These three codes are dui attorney meaning really meant to be "DVI", the others are just different ways I've seen come up on the cable box's front display, particularly since it doesn't look much like "DVI".

This error indicates the cable box wasn't able to set up a connection over the HDMI cable. Part of the HDMI interface is the requirement that the two devices using an HDMI cable "handshake" to verify that High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) is active. If the "handshake" fails, the cable box will show this error and be unable to output to the TV dui drysuits over the HDMI cable.

The error message is "DVI Alert - Your TV does not support HDCP. Please disconnect the HDMI connector and use the YPbPr connection to continue watching TV."

This error indicates the cable box wasn't able to set up a connection over the HDMI cable. Part of the HDMI interface is the requirement that the two devices using an HDMI cable "handshake" to verify that High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) is active. If the "handshake" fails, the STB will show this error and be unable to output to the TV over the HDMI cable.

4 weeks ago

Planning for DIY Home Building Projects

In business management, every project begins with planning and proposal. During project planning, you lay down activities, delegate tasks, and arrange schedules for business ventures. You study feasibility of projects, as well as forecast possible setbacks that might occur during implementation. Planning is an essential aspect of business. Oftentimes, lack of planning can cause failure in business.

The same principle applies in do-it-yourself (DIY) home Read Full Article building. You need to create a concrete hop over to this web-site plan for the structure and design of your home, as well as a timetable for the completion of construction. Without a concrete construction plan, you would not be able to achieve your target look at here date of completion. You are not simply arranging toy blocks on a green plane. Trial-and-error does not apply to house construction. Once you have nailed a wood on the wall and roof, there's no turning back.

Inasmuch as sketches are important in image production, blueprints are essential in home architecture. Collect photos of your dream house and create a rough draft of its exterior and interior design. Present it to an architect, and ask suggestions and recommendations to enhance the structure of your home. Generally, DIY home building companies ask for a sketch or image of your dream home. From this, they can derive the materials and equipment for your DIY house construction.

Aside from design, you should choose an appropriate lot for your home. Check whether the lot is viable for house construction. The soil must be able to hold a massive structure, as it will hold the entire weight of your home. Commercial neighborhoods have expensive lots because of soil quality. You must also choose cost-efficient and high-quality materials for house construction. You'll probably have to buy supplementary construction materials apart from those in DIY home building kits.

Financial management is an important aspect of DIY home building. If you have limited cash on hand, try applying for a housing loan to assist you in your finances. Housing companies consider the approved loan as pre-payment for house construction.

Starting a poorly planned DIY home building is like raging a war without strategies and tactics. Create a comprehensive plan for your dream house and ask for assistance from housing professionals, and look for a viable housing loan. With these at hand, you can succeed in building your dream home.

1 month ago

When You Need To Hire A DUI Lawyer by Sukhmannjot

DUI cases or the impaired driving cases have been increasing from the past few years. DUI (Driving under the influence) of alcohol or drugs is considered to be a serious offense as it is the greatest cause of criminal injury and death. The drugs that are taken into account include tranquilizers, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana. When the driver has a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher then in that case that person is guilty of the offense. Drivers who drink and drive not only put their life in danger but also of how to find a good dui lawyer the people around them. They think that after drinking they can control their driving without caring about the consequences like they might get caught by the police or they might get involved in an accident. They also have to face severe legal consequences such as their license may be suspended or they might be placed in jail and fined substantial fees. Different countries have different drunk driving penalties. Mixing drugs with alcohol also has some of the common effects such as impaired eyesight which makes the driver unaware what's going around, etc. Some of the exercises that the police officers do in order to check whether the driver is intoxicated or not are the field sobriety tests (FSTs) or a breathalyzer may be used. In some cases blood or urine tests are also conducted.

If you have been charged with a DUI then you need the help of a highly experienced and skilled DUI lawyer. A highly skilled and efficient DUI lawyer is very well aware of the laws regarding driving under the influence and knows all the strategies that are used to challenge the evidence brought against you. An expert DUI lawyer will assist you completely in the paper work and you will feel less tensed. A qualified DUI lawyer makes an accurate analysis of the outcome of the case. He is well aware of all the official documents and formalities regarding a case. Thus a proficient DUI lawyer knows what is best for you and guides you accordingly. An efficient and expert lawyer makes sure that you get minimum punishment.

You can find out several well known and reliable drunk driving defense attorneys online. It is advised to opt for a right DUI lawyer as he can help you save your driver's license and also help you top dui lawyers in getting back your drunken driving charge reduced. After choosing the appropriate DUI lawyer you can set up a meeting and let them know the whole incident. Some lawyers offer free consultation to their clients. An initial consultation with your DUI lawyer helps you in deciding whether you want to work with them or not. Ensure the upfront fee and payment options. Therefore in order to save yourself from such kind of punishments it is advisable not to indulge in these type of things as it might be considered a crime and in case if you get involved in this type of situation then hiring an expert DUI lawyer can be the best solution.

1 month ago

Bank of America Mortgage Legal Issues Intensify

Last Updated Jun 17, 2011 10:14 AM EDT

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Bank of America, the largest U.S. bank in terms of assets. On Monday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched a formal probe into the financial institution's mortgage securitization practices.

The probe is part of a larger investigation that is looking to determine whether mortgage companies followed New York state legal protocol when creating and selling mortgage-backed securities. The Attorney General and his staff have unco