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1 week ago

Where Did 'Dumpster Fire' Come From? Where Is It Rolling?

In 2009,

1 week ago

How do Waste Management Affects the Environment?

Waste management is important for the environment. If we will be able to properly dispose of our garbage, mother earth will survive from being filled with garbage materials. There are different ways to do waste management and environment will be at ease. The methods include recycling, compost heap, incineration, sustainability, landfill, integration, waste-to-energy, biological reprocessing and waaste minimization.

Recycling is one of the most commonly used for waste management and the environment is happily accepting it. Recycling is making use of waste material by means of creating it into a new and useful product. There are different programs made for recycling that is being conducted by school and companies. Waste materials can be recycled into a simple thing like a display bottle or into something very useful like a wheelchair from aluminum waste products.

Another waste disposal method that is being conducted to some countries is landfill. Waste disposal and environment goes hand in hand in the landfill process. It is a method wherein waste materials are being buried and produces methane that can be use to provide energy. It is an inexpensive waste management procedure and environment is being helped in terms of producing a gaseous methane form to provide dumpster prices electricity to certain goods and services. Though, if the landfill is not properly organized, it might also give a negative impact in the environment.

Incineration is also one procedure of garbage disposal that lessens the volume of garbage. It converts the waste material into heat, ash, steam and gas form. It is used by countries like Japan since they have a limited land to do other process of waste management such as landfill. But this process is really not that safe for waste management and environment. Since it will use combustion for incinerating waste material, there is a possibility that there it will produce pollutants in the environment.

Another important waste management for the environment is waste minimization. It is a way to prevent waste materials from increasing which is also known as waste reduction. This process is very simple and can be done naturally beautify your home in our daily lives. In other terms, it is the prevention and avoidance of making waste materials. By just reusing second hand products or repairing a broken appliances, we can actually do waste management and environment will be saved from piling up of garbage. It is a procedure wherein we will stop waste before it will start to happen.

Waste disposal can be achieved if we will always think about saving our environment.

1 week ago

Texas plumber: I didn't sell my truck to ISIS

When Houston-area plumbing company owner Mark Oberholtzer sold his truck to a local dealer in October of 2013, he had no idea it would wind up on Syria's front lines being used by ISIS fighters -- with his plumbing company name and phone number still on the side.

"You know, it hurts my feelings, that anyone could possibly thing that we were connected to terrorism in any way," Oberholtzer told CBS News.

He says he was assured by the dealership that it would remove his information before selling the truck. But there it was in the photo -- which then went viral.


A picture showing Mark Oberholtzer's truck -- including his company's name and phone number -- went viral last rent a dumpster year after it was posted on an Islamic militant group's Twitter feed.


It was featured on the last episode of "The Colbert Report," seen by millions of people earlier this year. Since then, Oberholtzer says he's had threats and thousands of phone calls like this one.

"What the f--- is going on?" one message said. "Are you selling your truck to 40 yard dumpster ISIS? Who did that? That's not right!"

Here's how the truck left the country: Oberholtzer sold the truck to an AutoNation dealership in Houston, which sent it to an auction near Dallas.

Then a used car dealer, Maz Auto, bought the truck, the manager confirms, with the lettering still on it, and advertised it for sale on their website.

Manager Mohamed Alkhawam told CBS News someone called from an international phone number and arranged to buy the truck for use in Turkey.

"He wired the money, and he arranged for shipping ... and that was it. The car ended up being shipped to Turkey," Alkhawam said.

It's not known exactly how the truck then made its way from Mersin, Turkey to Syria.

"You used to have 'Mark-1 Plumbing Inc.' would come up on the Internet," Oberholtzer says. "Now it comes up 'Mark-1 Plumbing Inc. ISIS."

He's now suing the AutoNation dealership that sold the truck for $1 million.

AutoNation did not respond to CBS News' request for comment, but an executive told CBS affiliate KHOU that they thought the auction company was removing the decals.

The auction house could not dumpster rental confirm for CBS News that it sold the truck.

2 weeks ago

Kid Custody Law - What Factors Determine The "best Interest Of The Kid?"

The RI Family court must confirm what's in the "best interest of the kid" This can be terribly subjective and analytical standard. It is advisable to contact a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer or a RI Family Law Attorney to urge legal advice concerning the facts and circumstances in your case. There are 8 basic factors that the choose ought to look at in determining the most effective interest of the child. These factors are utilized by the court in determining each physical and legal custody of children

"This [C]ourt has held that child-custody awards must be made in the 'best interest[s]' of the child." quoting Petition of Loudin "[T]he best interests of the child normal remains amorphou

2 weeks ago

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Divorce can be an ugly affair especially when children are involved and child custody must be determined.

3 weeks ago

Understanding Marine Diesel Fuel

Trawler and motor yacht owners love the sound of our diesels; like sweet music to our ears. The diesel engines are the heart of any vessel.

But problems can take place with diesel fuel stored in your trawler's fuel tanks, that will affect those diesel engines?

It is important to know what diesel fuel is to start with. Diesel fuel is refined from crude oil. In petroleum refineries, petroleum is heated, and different hydrocarbon molecules are extracted to create the fuel. Diesel is much thicker than petrol and vaporizes much more slowly. It's often referred to as "fuel oil" because of its consistency. Oftentimes forgotten, diesel is an organic matter.

"Give a diesel engine

3 weeks ago

Using Homemade Products To Clean False Teeth.

Taking care of false teeth using a do-it-yourself approach and homemade cleaning solutions can be quite effective. If you're interested, here's how it can be done.

1) You need to brush your denture first.

The exact same type of debris (bacteria, dental plaque, staining and tartar) that accumulates on natural teeth and oral tissues will accumulate on false teeth too. Effective denture cleaning always starts with a thorough brushing, both inside and out, in the presence of water. (This is true whether you plan to use a homemade or commercial cleaning product as your next step.)

3 weeks ago

Diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer, WHO says | Reuters

LONDON Diesel engine fumes can cause lung cancer and belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas, World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said on Tuesday.

In an announcement that caused concern in the auto industry, the France-based International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO, reclassified diesel exhausts from its group 2A of probable carcinogens to its group 1 of substances that have definite links to cancer.

The experts, who said their decision was unanimous and based on "compelling" scientific evidence, urged people worldwide to reduce their exposure to diesel fumes as much as possible.

"The working group

1 month ago

Artificial Grass May Save Water, But Does It Endanger People?

When Michael and Barbara Fouch first considered replacing their grassy lawn with artificial turf, they researched the growing array of options for the green plastic blades and the infill that holds them in place. They wanted a product that looked nice, but they also wanted something that wouldn't make any people or pets sick.

"Everyone here is pretty concerned about curb appeal," said Michael Fouch, 62, of Laguna Niguel, California. "Last summer, with the dry and sunny weather, the grass was getting brown and diseased."

Two weeks ago, the Fouches swapped out their water-guzzling grass for a plastic substitute designed to simulate water-quenched natural turf, saving about $1,00

1 month ago

Golf Or Sex? Same Game -- Different Game

Let's Have a Conversation

with Phil Parker

Welcome to Grandpa Does Grandma: The ABCs of Senior Sex.


About 27 years ago, I gave up golf to concentrate on my marriage. My second wife, aka Sassy Grandma, didn't play golf and according to her, "A woman convinced against her will, remains unconvinced still." With golf being out of the question I turned my full attention toward our relationship and our enhanced intimacy. It worked. I made the right ch